Who Should Apply?

Who should apply?

Seniors and Veterans:

  • who can live independently or
  • who need extra help with daily tasks or
  • who are living with early to mid-stages of dementia

Former members of the Canadian Forces are provided priority access to the apartments, consistent with the Perley Rideau commitment to honour Veterans.

33% of the apartments will be rented at below market rates for those who qualify, open to both seniors and Veterans.


  • There is a secured entry lobby and mail box area.
  • All apartments equipped with security access control to the main entry.
  • Each apartment is provided with fire alarms, detectors and a fire suppression sprinkler system for tenant safety.


  • All floors and rooms within the building are wheelchair accessible. Each building is equipped with elevator(s), located in the centre, and two stairways located at each end of the corridor.
  • Kitchen - work in a seated position, 360 degree turning for wheelchair, and wheelchair can fit under sink.
  • Washroom – 5’ turning space, side access to toilet, knee space under vanity, barrier free access to shower.
  • Entrances to building are automatic and at grade.
  • Elevators are service sized.
  • Corridors are 5’6” wide so two wheelchairs can pass.
  • Individual apartment entrances have an alcove to allow movement in the hallway when one is at their door.
  • Apartment doors are 36” wide.
  • Buildings with the co-cluster units have easy access to services and amenities onsite.


  • Each apartment has an individual, centralized mechanical heating and air conditioning unit which is fully adjustable and is powered by a state-of-the-art geothermal well system for energy efficiency.
  • Floor materials have low resistance to wheeled and foot traffic, and are a combination of ceramic tile, vinyl composite tile and plank-style vinyl flooring over 1 ½” of concrete
  • Walls between units are of double wall construction for sound privacy.


  • Rental Office:  613-526-7170 ext. 2009

  • Fax: 613-526-7168

  • Email: rentaloffice@prvhc.com