January 19, 2021

  • SAFETY GOGGLES: There has been a terrific response to the sale of safety goggles at the Interprofessional Clinic at Perley Rideau.  
  • These are the only safety goggles permitted at the Perley Rideau. Essential caregivers can purchase these goggles or choose to wear the face shields provided for free at the Main Entrance.
  • Eye protection must be worn by essential caregivers at all times in resident areas.
  • At this time we are sold out of the goggles but we expect another shipment later this week. 
  • Staff at the Interprofessional Clinic continue to accept orders for the goggles.
    • Goggles cost $6.95 plus HST.
  • Payment is accepted in cash, debit, credit or cheque.
  • Clinic hours are Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm.
  • There are several ways to contact the Clinic:
  • To pick up the goggles after hours, please make arrangements with the Interprofessional staff when completing your purchase.
  • The Clinic can make arrangements to provide curbside pick-up.

In resident care areas, either a visor or goggles MUST be worn at all times. In an area experiencing an outbreak, googles may not be permitted. Please check with staff for specific details on safety protocols.

Failure to comply with these safety protocols may result in the loss of visiting privileges.

Thank you for helping to keep everyone safe.

January 17, 2021

A staff member working on Gatineau 2 South (G2S) tested positive for COVID-19 on January 17th. 

There are no cases of COVID-19 among residents.

As a result, an outbreak has been declared for the Gatineau Building.

There are no restrictions to the access and visiting of essential caregivers.

Thank you for support as we work to end this outbreak.

Jay Innes

Director of Communications

December 23, 2020

  • Reading the latest version of our Visitor's Guide: CLICK HERE 

December 8, 2020

Read the latest from the Ontario government.


In response to questions about the way the Perley Rideau calculates the testing intervals, as directed by the Ontario government, details are provided in the grid above.

To comply with the directive, regardless of time of the individual COVID-19 test, the seven day interval is calculated as starting at 12:01 am on the test day (Day 1) and ending at 11:59 on Day 7.

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

Jay Innes

Director of Communications

December 4, 2020

New Screening App for Essential Caregivers

To streamline the main entrance screening process and adapt to frequent changes to screening criteria, an online screening tool (called a web-based app) will be available for designated caregivers starting Monday, December 7th.

The app can be accessed through a dedicated webpage: CLICK HERE or follow

  • The screening tool can be completed by computer, tablet or cell phone. 
  • The link to the app can be saved as a website shortcut on your smartphone by following the steps in the Appendix “Guide to Adding Screening App to Home Screen as a Website Shortcut”.  
Questions on the app consist of the following: 

1.       Information

  • Name, phone number, email, role, resident unit & resident name
  • There is a drop down menu under the Role category. Please select “Designated Caregiver” 
  • Email would be required for the screening results to be emailed to you. A personal email can be used if that is easier for pulling up screening results on your smartphone at the entrance.

2.       Attestations

  • Negative COVID test within last 7 days (proof is required upon entry)
  • Read and will comply with the Visitor Policy "Policy for Indoor and Outdoor Visits with Residents"
  • Not visited a resident who is self-isolating/symptomatic &/or another facility on outbreak within last 14 days 

3.       Symptoms

  • Checklist of symptoms potentially related to COVID-19 (e.g., fever, shortness of breath, etc.) 

4.       Travel

  • “Have you travelled outside of Canada or had close contact with anyone that has travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days?” 

5.       Contact

  • “Have you had close contact with anyone with respiratory illness or a confirmed or suspected case of COVID-19 without wearing the required PPE?”

6.       Review of Answers

  • Summary of submitted information
  • Answers can be changed if needed

7.       Declaration

  • Declaration that information shared is true to the best of your knowledge

Depending on your answers, a red or green screen will appear.

  • A red screen indicates “Do not enter” and instructions are provided on who to contact about next steps.
  • A green screen indicates “Pass” and you will be able to enter the facility without any issue.
    • Note: proof of negative COVID test within last 7 days is also required upon entry.

Displaying Screening Results

The screening app can be completed up to 2 hours before you present for screening and will also replace the previous requirement of pre-booking visits online. The time-stamped green outcome screen can be shown to screeners at the main entrance directly from the web browser or from the emailed results. Please note that WiFi is not available in the main entrance. If you do not have data on your smartphone, please ensure your screening results are pulled up ahead of time, or a screenshot is taken of your results. 

If you do not have a smartphone, screeners will continue to review all the screening questions with you verbally and you will be required to manually sign and complete attestations. 

Information on Data Security and Privacy 

The screening app is developed by the HealthQ business line of Macadamian Technologies, a Gatineau based software company specializing in the development of healthcare solutions, that has been in business for the past 23 years.  As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner, there are a number of security assessments that Microsoft requires before they will entrust a partner with their customer’s data or promote them for the development of healthcare solutions.  Macadamian has successfully completed those assessments and is actively being promoted by Microsoft to address the current COVID-19 challenges.

The data collected by HealthQ is securely stored in a Microsoft data centre in Toronto.  As per Macadamian’s data policy, the data stored on behalf of Perley Rideau is the property of Perley Rideau, and Macadamian only provides the HealthQ service, which collects, processes, and stores the data on behalf of the client.  Under no circumstances does Macadamian ever use, disclose, sell, or share the data with any third party.

If you have any questions about the app, please contact Katrin Spencer (x2225,, or Melissa Norman (x2448,



Essential Caregiver Testing

  • Essential caregivers must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result in the previous 7 days.
    • Please note that is specific to the date of the test and not the date when the result was received.
  • For example, if an essential caregiver is tested on December 10th, then that day counts as Day #1. 
    • Regardless of when the negative test result is shared with you, Day 1 is December 10th.
    • To comply with the rules as set out by the Ontario government, a negative test from December 10th will only cover an essential caregiver for seven days, and that includes the test day of December 10th.
    • On that basis, a negative test will only be valid to permit access into long-term care until the end of day on December 16th.
    • We apologize for any confusion caused by earlier communications.
  • The Perley Rideau recommends that essential caregivers not wait seven days between tests to allow time for the tests to be conducted and relayed back to essential caregivers.
  • Proof of a negative COVID-19 test result may be demonstrated by providing the Perley Rideau the results of the test (e.g. printout or on a mobile device showing the individual’s name, test date and result).
    • Please note that a photo/screen grab of the negative test result showing name, date and result must be included in the photo.
  • To support caregivers access this information and to avoid personal data fees, an iPad is available at the Main Entrance. Users can log in to the Ontario Health website:
    • Be sure to have the necessary information to log in.
    • Be sure to log out after completing your session.
  • We ask our community for your patience and understanding as we work to implement these protocols, as directed by the Ontario government.
  • For more information, please visit the Resumption of Visits webpage. CLICK HERE (

Reminder: Visitor restrictions

  • Making every effort to keep our community safe while our region is a COVID-19 hot spot, we ask that visitors – including essential caregivers - limit their movement to Main Entrance access, walk directly to the resident’s room and remain in the room during their visit.
  • Visitors are not permitted in the Pub, Games Room, Deborah's Gift Boutique, Lupton Hall and Cafeteria.


     View our updated Visitor's GuideCLICK HERE

September 11, 2020

Visiting and Resident Absences

(View this flowchart: CLICK HERE)


**Please note that as of October 5, Residents and Substitute Decision-Makers (SDM)/Power of Attorney (POA) can designate a maximum of two individuals as essential caregivers. See the blue columns in the graphic for definitions and information.

The team has gathered and share news of the recent changes to visiting, caregiving, service provider support and resident absences at the Perley Rideau.

We have developed new resources and updated existing documents to help explain the many changes.

Please familiarize yourself with the documents listed below:

  1. Flowsheet, Visiting and Absences from Long-Term Care: CLICK HERE

  2. Caregiver Designation Form: CLICK HERE

  3. Visitor’s Guide: CLICK HERE


Important Resources

*click on the links below to access the documents

The Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre

  1. Private Services Provider Policy
  2. Appendix A
  3. Appendix B
  4. Appendix C: Private Services Provider Agreement
  5. Perley Rideau facility and parking maps
Educational Resources
  1. Protect against COVID-19
  2. Screening questions
  3. Tips to stop virus spread
  4. How to wear a mask: Dos and Don'ts
  5. Risks linked to activities
  6. Key contacts at the Perley Rideau
  7. Donning (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment (putting on)
  8. Doffing (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment (removing)

Communications with the Perley Rideau

There are many ways to stay in contact with the Perley Rideau team and channels to direct your questions. Listed below are some of ways to stay in touch.

Family Helpline: 613-520-2980  

  • The Family Helpline is staffed Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.
  • If the support person is not available to answer your call, please leave a message and expect a response within one business day.
Virtual Visits
  • Phone calls, Skype and Facetime with families: Coordinated through the Therapeutic Recreation and Creative Arts Programming team
  • To book a virtual visit or ask questions email:

The Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre

Managers of Resident Care

  • Gatineau Building and Ottawa Building, first floor:  Kerry Tubman, ext. 2110 
  • Rideau Building and Ottawa building, second floor: Samantha Diceman, ext. 2113 

Perley Rideau RPNs

  • Call Bell Number Extensions – 613-526-7170 + ext.
  • If calling to cancel a visit on the same day, or a visit occurring over the weekend, please contact the unit RPN.
Gatineau Residence
  • Gatineau 1 North (G1N): 8532
  • Gatineau 1 North (SBSU): 8531
  • Gatineau 1 South (G1S): 8538
  • Gatineau 2 North (G2N): 8544, 8545
  • Gatineau 2 South (G2S): 8551
Ottawa Residence
  • Ottawa 1 East (O1E): 8505, 8506
  • Ottawa 1 West (O1W): 8512
  • Ottawa 1 West (SAFE): 8463
  • Ottawa 2 East (O2E): 8518, 8519
  • Ottawa 2 West (O2W): 8525
Rideau Residence
  • Rideau 1 North (R1N): 8555
  • Rideau 1 South (R1S): 8562, 8563
  • Rideau 2 North (R2N): 8566
  • Rideau 2 South:  8573, 8574
Family and Friends Council