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Clarification on General Visitor Access

  • General visitors can only visit in the room of the resident they are visiting.
  • It is our interpretation of Directive #3 that General Visitors are not permitted in the Pub, the Cafeteria or other common areas.

Corrections on the Visiting Policy

  • Pets are permitted
  • General Visitors attending for an outdoor visit are permitted to use the washrooms
  • Temperature checks are not returning.

Recently Updated Documents

Important Resources

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The Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre

  1. Private Services Provider Policy
  2. Appendix A
  3. Appendix B
  4. Appendix C: Private Services Provider Agreement
  5. Perley Rideau facility and parking maps
Educational Resources
  1. Protect against COVID-19
  2. Tips to stop virus spread
  3. How to wear a mask: Dos and Don'ts
  4. Risks linked to activities
  5. Key contacts at the Perley Rideau
  6. Donning (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment (putting on)
  7. Doffing (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment (removing)

Communications with the Perley Rideau

There are many ways to stay in contact with the Perley Rideau team and channels to direct your questions. Listed below are some of ways to stay in touch.

Family Helpline: 613-520-2980  

  • The Family Helpline is staffed Monday through Friday from 8 am to 4 pm.
  • If the support person is not available to answer your call, please leave a message and expect a response within one business day.
Virtual Visits
  • Phone calls, Skype and Facetime with families: Coordinated through the Therapeutic Recreation and Creative Arts Programming team
  • To book a virtual visit or ask questions email:

The Perley and Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre

Managers of Resident Care

  • Gatineau Building and Ottawa Building, first floor:  Kerry Tubman, ext. 2110 
  • Rideau Building and Ottawa building, second floor: Samantha Diceman, ext. 2113 

Perley Rideau RPNs

  • Call Bell Number Extensions – 613-526-7170 + ext.
  • If calling to cancel a visit on the same day, or a visit occurring over the weekend, please contact the unit RPN.
Gatineau Residence
  • Gatineau 1 North (G1N): 8532
  • Gatineau 1 North (SBSU): 8531
  • Gatineau 1 South (G1S): 8538
  • Gatineau 2 North (G2N): 8544, 8545
  • Gatineau 2 South (G2S): 8551
Ottawa Residence
  • Ottawa 1 East (O1E): 8505, 8506
  • Ottawa 1 West (O1W): 8512
  • Ottawa 1 West (SAFE): 8463
  • Ottawa 2 East (O2E): 8518, 8519
  • Ottawa 2 West (O2W): 8525
Rideau Residence
  • Rideau 1 North (R1N): 8555
  • Rideau 1 South (R1S): 8562, 8563
  • Rideau 2 North (R2N): 8566
  • Rideau 2 South:  8573, 8574
Family and Friends Council