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March 1, 2021

Rapid Testing Clinic Information

  • The clinic is located in the Day Program office in the health centre.
  • The clinic will operate seven days a week from 6 am to 7:30 pm.
  • The clinic will conduct rapid test and PCR tests, as required.
  • This clinic complies with direction from the Ontario government.
  • There will be additional staff supporting outside the clinic and inside the clinic to provide direction, answer your questions and assist with implementation.

Positive Test Results

  • Anyone who receives a preliminary positive test from a rapid test will be contacted by Perley Rideau staff and informed of the test result.
  • Each staff member will be guided through the next phase of the process while taking every step to keep our community safe.
  • A second test – a PCR swab test – will be conducted at the Perley Rideau, unless the individual has left the property.
  • The PCR test will be sent to an outside lab for confirmation.
  • Everyone who receives a preliminary positive result will need to go home, self-isolate and wait for the PCR test result and further direction.
  • The Perley Rideau IPAC team and your manager/supervisor will support you and guide you through this stage.

Important Links:

Accessing the Screening Tool


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Temperature Scanners

Keep Our Community Safe


Staff COVID-19 Screening

Perley Rideau Cafe

The Perley Rideau Café would like to help ease some of your burden by offering an expanded menu of take-out items and meal kits for individuals and families.

Please provide six hours’ notice for orders, where indicated.


Direct Deposit for Health Claim Benefits

Effective February 1, 2020, Coughlin and Associates will not be providing manual cheques for benefit claims.

To avoid delays in receiving payment for benefit reimbursements, please sign up for Direct Deposit without delay.

Thank you,
Russ Tattersall, M.I.R. Director, Human Resources

Ottawa Ride Match Car Pooling Resource


  • Sign up to the page created specifically for our Perley Rideau Community
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Code of Conduct

  • Living our Values: Our values and our code of conduct allow us to care for: residents, clients, tenants; families; and each other (staff, volunteers, students). By living our values we promise to embrace a collaborative approach to care; learning and growth; and actionable research.
  • View and download our Code of Conduct


FSEAP (Employee Assistance Program)

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