Contact Staff

Akos Hoffer MHSc, CHE

Chief Executive Officer
(Executive Assistant ext. 2001)
613-526-7171 ext. 2500 

Mary Boutette BSc, MHA

Chief Operating Officer
613-526-7171, ext. 2109

Dr. Benoit Robert, MD, M.B.A

Medical Director 
613-526-7171 ext. 2003 

Brian Laffin, CPA, CA 

Chief Financial Officer
613-526-7171 ext. 2150

Carolyn Vollicks, BRLS

Director, Community Outreach and Programming
613-526-7171 ext. 7421

Jay Innes, BA, MJ 

Director, Communications
613-526-7171 ext. 2207

Russ Tattersall, M.I.R

Director, Human Resources 
613-526-7171 ext. 2209

Jennifer Plant

Director, Clinical Practice 
613-526-7171 ext. 2408

Lorie Stuckless, NM, CSNM 

Director, Support Services 
613-526-7171 ext. 2603 

Doris Jenkins, R.N.

Director, Nursing Operations 
613-526-7171 ext. 2414

Director, Human Resources 

Tania Paolini, RN BScN
Manager, Infection Prevention and Control613.526.7171 ext. 2388

Kerry Tubman, M.A., H.Bsc.

Manager, Resident Care
613-526-7171 ext. 2110

Samantha Diceman 

Manager, Resident Care
613-526-7171 ext. 2113