Perley Rideau Senior Apartment Features

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Apartment Features

  • Open concept apartments accommodate wheelchair and walker movement while permitting clear visual and physical communication.
  • All one and two-bedroom apartments are equipped with a stove, refrigerator, clothes washer and dryer, and dishwasher.
  • Telephone, cable and Internet wired; tenants must arrange for the service.
  •  There are lounge/reception areas in each building for tenants to socialize or host guests.
  • There are basement storage lockers.
  • Each floor has a garbage chute.
  • Exterior parking is available to tenants and visitors.
  • Tenants have full access to Perley Rideau grounds featuring green areas, walking paths, a duck pond, several sitting areas and many other outdoor amenities.
  • Tenants have access to on site amenities and services.

Rental Office

How to Apply

We look forward to talking with you to provide further information and to discuss your needs.

Apartment Rental Process Eligibility Rules

  • Tenants should be 65 years of age (Contact Rental Office for exceptions).
  • Tenants must be non-smokers. Smoking is not permitted by tenants or others in the apartments or on balconies.

Rental Application Process

Initial contact with our Rental Office by phone, mail or email. At this time,

  • questions will be answered and
  •  rental promotional material will be provided.

Interested applicants complete a “Seniors’ Housing Waiting List Application Form” to be placed on the one of two waiting lists:

  1. Independent apartment (through our Rental Office)
  2. Independent City apartment
    1. Applicants must contact the Social Housing Registry of Ottawa ( to be listed for a rent subsidy or for a below market rate apartment. (Please do not send this application to Perley Rideau).
  • Prospective tenants will be contacted by the Rental Office when units are available.

Rental Process Steps

  1. Meeting #1: applicants will be provided with all leasing documents and all questions will be addressed.
  2. Meeting #2: review of the documentation.
    1. A security deposit equal to one month’s rent is due.
    2. A credit verification of the applicant’s financial status will be performed.
    3. All leasing documents will be reviewed.
  3. The applicant’s eligibility will be assessed, their need for services confirmed, as well as the results of the credit verification.
  4. The Rental Office will communicate the status of the application.

Please note that rent does not include parking, storage locker, meals, housekeeping, cable, or telephone. These services are available on a fee for service basis.


Please contact:

  • David O’Neill, BA
  • Senior Housing Business Lead
  • The Perley Rideau Veterans’ Health Centre
  • 1750 Russell Road
  • Ottawa ON K1G 5Z6
  • P: (613) 526-7171 Ext 2006
  • Email: