SeeMe: Understanding frailty together

SeeMee Understanding frailty together

Aging is a time of life when we have time.  Time to spend with our families, to love those we love, to take pleasure in life more. But with age comes frailty, often limiting our ability to enjoy our time, our leisure and those we love.

The challenge in helping people with frailty live their fullest possible lives is that frailty is not a disease and not well understood.  Without knowledge and tools, we can struggle to take frailty into account when making decisions.  How do we answer questions that ask:

  • How do I take into account this person’s wishes if their health declines?
  • How do I take into account this person’s lifestyle preferences?
  • Is medical intervention the best option for this person?
  • How will frailty affect the result of surgery or other intervention?
  • What is the best quality of life that we can provide over all?

The healthcare system has a tendency to try to cure diseases or fix injuries regardless of whether intervention is the best option.  Our experience with frailty has taught us that the best approach for those with frailty is the one that provides the best quality-of-life outcomes overall. 

SeeMe provides a comprehensive frailty management framework for determining that best approach. It’s a lens through which we see a person with frailty as whole and three-dimensional, revealing their values, preferences and desires and allowing us to better judge what will do good and what will cause harm.

Designed as a true partnership among the person, family and healthcare providers, SeeMe gives us the tools to look at frailty with fresh eyes, to truly see the person before us and offer them the time and quality of life to be, to love and to take pleasure in the joys that life still offers.



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Visit this page to find out more about SeeMe and our plans to make it available to residents of the Perley Rideau and to seniors outside the Perley Rideau Village.

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