Public Notice: Information on 2 Outbreaks, news and more Updated 1/7/2019

The Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre

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The Perley Rideau Story

 We have embraced video to share our story. Rather than publish a full-length report once a year, we plan to post a short video update to our website and social media channels, accompanied by a single-page summary.

Our 2017 audited financial statements are available in the summary document below the CEO's Spring update.

Watch Caring for the Future, 2018 Spring Update.

  • Download here the CEO's Spring Report, Caring for the Future,  including a summary of the audited financial statements.

This first video picks up our story in 2017 and continues to end of the first quarter of 2018. Akos Hoffer, CEO, is the host of Caring for the Future.

Have a look and let us know what you think by emailing info (@)

Read our Summary for 2017-2018 (Q1)

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