Parking Changes May 1, 2021


For questions about parking, please contact PrecisePark Link: 

  • Website:
  • Phone for HPASS/General site inquiries: 613-225-2640;
  • Phone for Monthly Parking registration: 416-243-6990.  
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New Parking-Payment System Coming May 1, 2021

A new payment system for parking at the Perley Rideau comes into effect on May 1, 2021. The new system makes it significantly easier to pay for parking, particularly for occasional visitors. It also reduces administration costs for the Perley Rideau. 

An independent firm, PrecisePark Link, manages all aspects of payment and enforcement. As the firm handling every aspect of parking as of May 1, the company is your first stop for questions and support each day starting April 1.

With the introduction of this new parking system, the biggest change is that payment must be made either in advance or immediately after parking. There are no more exit gates and paper tickets. Instead, payment can be made either with coins or by credit card at one of the five meters to be installed at several entrances. Other payment options include using a parking app, and daily passes purchased in advance and activated at one of the meters immediately after parking.

Parking fees vary, but start at $3.50 for 30 minutes and range up to $14.00 per day. Passes purchased in advance are much less expensive: as little as $4.85 per 24-hour period. 

Failure to pay for parking can result in fines. The City of Ottawa has authorized PrecisePark Link to issue legally binding notices of infraction. Fines can range from $95.00 for unauthorized parking to $450.00 for failure to display a valid sticker while parked in a spot reserved for persons with disabilities. Disputes about alleged violations are to be directed to PrecisePark Link and may be settled in court.

For staff and others who buy pre-paid monthly passes, all that changes is the collection of fees. Payroll deduction is no longer an option; passes must be purchased directly from PrecisePark Link. Perley Rideau volunteers can register to receive free parking passes when onsite to perform volunteer activities. 

Those who pay to park for a full day, either by cash, credit card or pre-paid pass, enjoy unlimited in-and-out privileges for that day. 

Two vehicles may be registered to a single account, although only one vehicle per account may be parked onsite at any given time.

Under the new system, the Perley Rideau will help offset the costs of maintaining the property throughout the year.

Several factors contributed to the decision to implement a new parking system. The costs of managing the previous system have risen significantly in recent years, along with the number of complaints received about problems at the exit gates. The new system implements technology that simplifies on-site parking and provides convenient and modern options for vehicle registration, payment and account management.

Parking Cards and Fobs for Door Access

The current parking pay-per-use parking cards (20 use "blue cards") will only be reloaded by staff at Main Reception until Monday, April 5th, 2021.  After this date, the cards cannot be reloaded. This is done to accommodate the transition to the new parking service. After May 1, these cards cannot be used for parking at Perley Rideau and refunds will be issued for the amounts remaining.

All holders of parking cards have until June 1 to return their parking card and receive a $15.00 refund.  The parking card should be returned to Support Services through internal or external mail.

For all families, students and contract service providers there will be a $10.00 fee to obtain a fob. Fobs will be provided to all new staff and volunteers at no charge. In the event fob is lost, there will be a $10.00 replacement fee.

To inform our community and provide updates on this change, we have created this webpage to address all issued related to parking. Please visit the page frequently to access our parking brochure and additional information.

  • Download the brochure: CLICK HERE         (Updated April 16, 2021)

Thank you in advance for your patience and support as we work to make this transition.

Jay Innes

Director of Communications

April 7, 2021 Open Letter

Thank you for your message about changes to the administration of parking at the Perley Rideau beginning May 1.

We hear you and welcome the opportunity to share more information.

In recent years, the costs of managing the previous parking system have risen significantly; so, too, has the number of complaints received about problems at the exit gates. Dealing with these costs and problems takes away from our ability to do what we do best: care for and support residents, tenants, clients and patients, along with their families and friends.

The new system implements technology that simplifies onsite parking, and provides convenient and modern options to pay, register multiple vehicles and manage accounts. Under the new system, there are no exit gates and tickets. Instead, you can register and pay online or at one of the onsite parking meters. Discounted multi-use cards can reduce the cost of parking. 

Perhaps the most significant change is that the Perley Rideau will no longer manage or administer parking; instead, PreciseParkLink will handle everything from registration and payment to enforcement. Note that the company has been authorized by the City of Ottawa to issue legal notices of infraction. To avoid a parking ticket, we encourage you register your vehicle with them as soon as possible.

Another big change is that tenants and family members now have to pay to park. Free passes will be provided only to registered volunteers. Parking for pickups and drop-offs will still be free, as long as a driver remains in the vehicle.

We know that these changes will upset some members of the Perley Rideau community. Please recognize that the decision to implement a new parking system was not taken lightly. Over the long term, the changes will help us to modernize and improve the services we provide to our community.

We have updated the useful links, contacts numbers and essential information: 

If you have any parking related questions for Perley Rideau, please email

Thank you,

Jay Innes

Director of Communications