Centre of Excellence

Recognizing the urgency of addressing care for seniors and Veterans’ living with frailty, Perley Rideau established Canada’s first Centre of Excellence in Frailty-Informed Care.

Perley Rideau will deliver on its vision in three ways:


1 - Rapidly advancing the care of frail elderly seniors through applied research

First, research priorities are chosen based on their abilities to make meaningful contributions to care at Perley Rideau and beyond.


2- Knowledge transfer of lessons learned so that others can adopt best practices

Second, evidence-based practices will drive widespread knowledge-transfer and education in clinical care.


3- Becoming Canada’s leader for excellence in the care of the elderly

Finally, Perley Rideau will be contributing to and influencing government policies to achieve excellence in caring for frail seniors and Veterans.

To learn more visit:

Centre of Excellence at a Glance (PDF)

Strategic Framework (PDF)