Volunteer survey

A volunteer survey was conducted in November - December 2013 and we ranked second in the category of “Teamwork” in comparison to 31 other organizations across Ontario. 

The survey confirmed that Perley Rideau staff are approachable when help is needed and staff are receptive to our volunteers' suggestions on how to improve things.  Volunteers especially appreciated when the staff welcomed them with a big smile and made the effort to remember their names. 

Almost all volunteers would recommend the Perley Rideau to others.  As one volunteer commented,  “Perley Rideau is a very friendly place to patients and volunteers. I have told my friends about it, and if someone is looking for a good place to volunteer that has a friendly staff, I always recommend Perley Rideau. It is a great joy to volunteer there and I plan on volunteering there again.”

My favourite comment was “ It feels like entering Paradise once I come through the doors of the Perley and Rideau. Everyone is smiling, everyone is happy and everyone is thankful. I can honestly say that I am a happier person since I started volunteering at the Perley Rideau.”