Public Announcements: The April Newsletter, Maps, Welcome Book and More Updated 4/11/2017

The Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre

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 We are an Advanced Health Centre for Seniors : a valued, sustainable centre for quality - serving the elderly and their families. Building on our traditional expertise in Long-Term Care, we will expand the programs and services offered, along the continuum of care, in order to meet the evolving needs of the seniors’ community, to enhance residents’ quality of life and to support “aging at home.” We see the Perley Rideau as a leader in the treatment of dementia, offering opportunities for the training and development of health care professionals and workers. In time, this should present opportunities to engage in selective applied research in dementia-related areas. In adapting to the demands of a changing health care environment, we will seek innovative solutions while honouring our Veterans and the community we serve. 



Our staff and volunteers work with our partners and families to provide excellent long-term and dementia care for our veteran and community residents, and we provide a range of services to help seniors stay in our community longer.


Focused Care

We believe everything we do is for the well-being of residents.

We recognize and respect their individual needs, which are reflected in their plans of care.

Quality Care & Excellence

We believe we must provide the highest quality care practicable.

Caring staff pursue excellence and continuing improvement.

Unique Responsibility

We are committed to fulfilling our unique responsibility of caring for both veteran and community residents;


We are committed to providing a safe, comfortable and friendly environment
in which to live and work.


We believe that teamwork and a spirit of cooperation are vital to achieve our common goals.


We believe that ongoing and open communication is essential.


We believe that trust, integrity and fairness are essential to quality care.


We believe in and respect the uniqueness, diversity and dignity of each person.

We treat each other with honesty and compassion.

Conflict Resolution

We believe that we have the right to express and the duty to hear different points of view 
in a way that respects individual dignity and self-esteem.


We believe that personal recognition fosters a spirit of pride, self-esteem and dignity.

Each individual’s contributions are valued, acknowledged and rewarded.

Responsibility and Accountability

We believe that we are all responsible for the efficient and effective use of time and resources. We are accountable to each other and are responsible for living out our core values.

Code of Conduct

To realize our Vision and Mission, staff and volunteers demonstrate our Core Values through our conduct. This Code of Conduct reflects Perley Rideau’s expectations that the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct will be maintained at all times.

Staff and Volunteers:

  • Uphold the Residents’ Bill of Rights. Attending to residents and their families is our first priority.
  • Act respectfully at all times towards those with whom we interact. We do not tolerate behaviour that is abusive, insubordinate, humiliating, harassing, exploitive, threatening, or discriminatory.
  • Respect, and are vigilant regarding, the safety and security of each other, those we serve, and of personal belongings. We always follow safe work practices. We respect the confidentiality  of personal and privileged information.
  • Use resources wisely. We do not misuse, waste, steal, or abuse time, materials, equipment, or the property of the Health Centre.
  • Demonstrate honesty, integrity, diligence and care at all times. We abide by the law.
  • Carry out our responsibilities to the best of our abilities. We ask questions if we don’t understand something. We devote ourfull care and attention to our work when we are on duty. We cooperate to get the job done.
  • Act ethically at all times. We do not accept money or materially significant gifts from the people we serve, and we make ethical decisions regarding their well-being. We declare and resolve any conflicts of interest.
  • Maintain a friendly, professional appearance. We wear suitable clothing and/or uniforms appropriate for our role. We wear official identification. We are scent-free.
  • Comply with the Health Centre’s policies, procedures, directives, guidelines, and applicable professional standards.
  • Understand that the Code of Conduct governs our conduct at all times, but does not specifically address every situation. We are responsible for our own behaviour.