The Perley Rideau Physio & Massage Therapy Clinic

The team of The Perley Rideau Physio & Massage Therapy Clinic strike a pose in the office in the Atrium of the Perley Rideau Centre. Absent is Carol Leach. Please call: 613 526-7175

The Perley Rideau Physio & Massage Therapy Clinic is located in the Atrium of the Perley Rideau Centre. The staff of the Perley Rideau Physio & Massage Therapy Clinic provide physiotherapy services in the facility. Residents and their families may choose private physiotherapy and/or massage therapy services to supplement their care.

Various programs are available such as strength training classes, gait training, pain relief and chest physiotherapy.

Upon admission, all residents are assessed by a physiotherapist to determine if treatment is appropriate under Ministry of Health guidelines.

  • Residents who qualify, receive a treatment plan for services that are covered under the Health Centre.

Residents who don’t qualify but may benefit from treatment, are provided with options for payment of fees. The fees for these services are not covered by the Health Centre but may be covered by the resident’s private insurance.

All care provision must adhere to the Private Physiotherapy and Physiotherapy Support Services Policy that outlines the expectations of the private provider, resident/family and the Perley Rideau.

For more information, please call 613 526-7175.


Meet Ivan Vukosavljevic, Lead Physiotherapist


Ivan Vukosavljevic feels very fortunate to have previously worked at the Perley Rideau alongside Carol Leach and her team. The challenging and collaborative environment he remembers three years ago has brought him to accept a part-time role as a physiotherapist with the clinic since November 2017, working in all fields of physiotherapy including geriatric, orthopaedic, cardiovascular and neurological. Whether it was studying at University of Ottawa, working as research assistant or as a trainer for the University’s men’s basketball team, Ivan recounts that he’s always felt motivated to continuously learn and improve, and credits the UOttawa team with his decision to study physiotherapy - that, and his drive to continue to learn and to provide his community with the highest standards of care. He constantly sets higher standards of care for his patients, his team and for his ongoing learning and teaching

In 2018, Ivan assumed the role as Lead Physiotherapist of the Perley Rideau Physio & Massage Therapy Clinic, succeeding Carol Leach who will be reducing her work schedule.

The Perley Rideau Community thanks Carol for her many years of passionate and dedicated care for residents, families, volunteers and staff and we appreciate that she continues to provide physiotherapy service one day per week.