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The Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre

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Seniors Apartments




  • There is a secured entry lobby and mail box area. 
  • All apartments equipped with security access control to the main entry. 
  • Each apartment is provided with fire alarms, detectors and a fire suppression sprinkler system for tenant safety.

All floors and rooms within the building are wheelchair accessible.Each building is equipped with elevator(s), located in the centre, and two stairways located at each end of the corridor.

    • Kitchen - work in a seated position, 360 degree turning for wheelchair, and wheelchair can fit under sink.
    • Washroom – 5’ turning space, side access to toilet, knee space under vanity, barrier free access to shower.
  • Entrances to building are automatic and at grade.
      • Elevators are service sized. 
      • Corridors are 5’6” wide so two wheelchairs can pass.
      • Individual apartment entrances have an alcove to allow movement in the hallway when one is at their door.
      • Apartment doors are 36” wide.
      • Buildings with the co-cluster units have easy access to services and amenities onsite.   
  • Each apartment has an individual, centralized mechanical heating and air conditioning unit which is fully adjustable and is provided by a state-of-the-art geothermal well system for  energy efficiency.
  • Floor materials have low resistance to wheeled and foot traffic, and are a combination of ceramic tile, vinyl composite tile and plank-style vinyl flooring over 1 ½” of concrete soundproof topping (‘B’ Building) – The sub-floor is poured concrete for the Commissionaires Ottawa Place.
  • Walls between units are of double wall construction for sound privacy.
  • Open concept apartments for clear visual and physical communication, as well as to place furniture with room to move about safely.
  • All full size apartments are equipped with a stove, refrigerator, clothes washer and dryer, and dishwasher.
  • Telephone, cable and internet wired; tenant needs to arrange for the service. 
  • There are lounge/reception areas in each building for tenants to meet together or to host guests.
  • The basement is equipped with storage lockers. 
  • Each floor has a garbage chute.
  • Exterior parking, for tenants and visitors, is provided adjacent to the building.
  • Tenants will have full access to the Perley Rideau grounds which features green areas equipped with walking paths, a duck pond, sitting areas and many other outdoor amenities.
  • Tenants will have full access to on site amenities and services.