Public Notice: Important information for the Perley Rideau Community Updated 5/19/2018

The Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre

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Perley Rideau Seniors Village

Perley Rideau Seniors Village Publication

Perley Rideau has updated its Seniors Village publication to reflect progress to date on implementing its vision. This is a refresh of the original report which was issued in 2010 to announce the new strategic direction for Perley Rideau.

The report features a section on the need for change, and explains how Perley Rideau intends to remain sustainable. It includes a table highlighting programs and services complemented by a site map showing where these services are offered in the Seniors Village, and provides more details on the expansion of health oriented services. 


Download the Perley Rideau Seniors Village document here or email us for a copy of the report.