Public Announcements: The April Newsletter, Maps, Welcome Book and More Updated 4/11/2017

The Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre

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Volunteers report to the area supervisor for filing, photocopying, data entry, delivering mail, collating material and related tasks.

Creative Arts Service

Under staff supervision, volunteers assist residents in creating pottery, crafts, woodworking, and painting.

Dog Therapy

Volunteers and their canines that have been trained through a Therapy Dog Training Program visit with the residents who enjoy the company of a dog.

Escort – Medical

Volunteers accompany residents on appointments (with Para Transpo, Veterans' Bus, Taxi, or Ambulet) to out-patient clinics at hospitals.


Volunteers may help with some clerical duties and special events.

Gift Shop

Volunteers provide assistance in the Gift Shop during a three-hour shift.

Hair Studio

Volunteers help with transportation to and from scheduled appointments and offer general assistance in the Hair Studio.

Meal Assistance

Volunteers give needed assistance and one-on-one companionship to enhance the meal experience for residents. 

Music Therapy

Volunteers escort residents to and from the activity area, give encouragement to individual residents and participate in singing if they wish.

Palliative Care

Volunteers who have completed a Palliative Care Volunteer Training Program are assigned, on request from staff, to visit with residents who are approaching the palliative stage of their lives.


Volunteers help the staff to provide rehabilitation services and/or exercise classes to residents.


Volunteers assist the Veteran Residents’ Council by serving as bartenders (serving alcohol and looking after cash).

Recreation services

Activities include social teas, birthday parties, current events club, bingo, barbecues, picnics, bus tours, trips to festivals and museums.

Residential Units

Volunteers help with various tasks such as feeding at mealtimes.

Spiritual Care - Church Services

Volunteers accompany residents to and from their rooms to the Chapel, and stay with them during the service.

Spiritual Care

Volunteers provide a caring spiritual presence to residents under the supervision of the Spiritual Care/Pastoral Services staff.

Volunteer Visitor

With staff guidance, volunteers are matched with residents to establish a relationship that will provide companionship to the residents.