Infection Control Advisory

As a visitor, we ask you to take the following precautions to prevent the risk of infection.

  • Please do not visit the Long-term Care Centre (LTC) if you are ill.
  • Try a phone call instead of visiting.
  • If visiting the LTC, please clean your hands carefully upon entering using the readily available hand sanitizer.
  • If your loved one resides on one of the affected units, please approach nursing staff before entering the unit.
  • Clean your hands carefully before leaving the  LTC.
  • Avoid bringing very young infants into the LTC.
  • Only visit one resident then leave the LTC. If you have more than one family member here, visit the resident on the non-outbreak unit first and then the outbreak unit before leaving. 
When there is an outbreak, we update this page as soon as possible, although we will always be cautious when doing so, in order to minimize risks for our residents.

Thank you for your cooperation and helping to avoid the risk of illness to our residents.