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From Longhouse to Lumber to Legislature

Course Catalogue, Winter 2018

From Longhouse to Lumber to Legislature | Instructor: Phil Jenkins

This course explores Ottawa’s rich social history in chronological order, from the arrival of the First Nations and the Europeans to today’s multi-cultural capital city. Participants will learn how each new arrival made use of Ottawa’s geographical setting, and will discover how notable peoples, events and advancements shaped our city. Expect to enjoy a lively and enriched learning experience that includes anecdotes, biographies, illustrations, photographs and songs.

Duration: 6 weeks | Price: $150 (incl. parking) | Day & Time: Tuesdays, 1pm – 3pm | Dates: January 9, 16, 23, 30, February 6, 13 | Room: Lupton Hall | Class size: Up to 60 participants

Course outline:

Week 1: Course introduction and overview, geological history of Ottawa, Champlain sea, Chaudiere Waterfall, forestation, arrival of man.

Week 2: Native history, Lac Leamy settlement, Native landscape philosophy, arrival of the Europeans (French and British), the fur trade, Richmond settlers, Robert Randall, Colonel By Rideau Canal, Nicholas Sparks.

Week 3: Growth of Upper Town and Lower Town, Ottawa as a City, Ottawa as a Capital, streetcars, the lumber trade up to the Great Fire of 1900, Thomas Ahearn, John Rodolphus Booth.

Week 4: The growth of the suburbs and the annexations, the World Wars, Jacques Greber, the redesign of Ottawa in 1950.

Week 5: Ottawa since Greber, Queensway, major amalgamation 1951-2001, the triumph of the car, disappearing buildings, Robert Campeau, Charlotte Whitton, Marion Dewar.     

Week 6: Ottawa today post-ammagalmation and to come, population one milion, How Green is our Valley?

Phil Jenkins returned to Ottawa from Liverpool in 1978 with an Honours Degree in Environmental Sciences and a Middle Years Teaching Certificate. He is a writer and performing musician. Since 1991, he has written over eight hundred columns on Ottawa's story for the Ottawa Citizen. He has also published four national bestsellers: Fields of Vision, An Acre of Time (an Ottawa history), River Song and Beneath My Feet, as well as three commissioned local histories: The Library Book, Off the Shelf and A Better Heart. He teaches writing and Ottawa history.  

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