Below are some frequently asked questions about The Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre              

How long is the waiting list?
Wait times at the Perley Rideau depend on factors such as the type of nursing care you require, the kind of room you are waiting for – veteran or community resident – and the date you applied for admission. The Champlain Community Care Access Centre manages the waiting lists for all government-funded long-term homes in Ottawa. Veterans Affairs manages the waiting lists for veterans.

How many people live at the Perley Rideau?
Our home can offer accommodation to 450 residents which include the 250 beds designated for veterans. The building is divided into three two-storey sections like a fleur-de-lis. At any given time, 98% - 99% of beds at the Perley Rideau are occupied. We notify the Champlain Community Care Access Centre as soon as a room becomes available. Your Case Manager from the Access Centre calls you or your family when a suitable space opens up.

How much time do I have to accept the bed offer?
You and your family will have 24 hours to decide to accept the bed offer, and 5 days at noon to physically move in.

What are the rooms like at the Perley Rideau?
All rooms are private with an en-suite washroom. View photos on the Virtual Tour of The Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre.

Can couples live in the same room?
Couples will each have their own private room but we will endeavour to have them live side by side where possible, or support them in considering to share the two living spaces. 

Do veterans and community residents live in the same areas?
All four units in the Rideau building are designated for veterans as well as one unit in the Ottawa building and two units in the Gatineau building .

What furniture and personal possessions can I bring?
We encourage you to make your room as comfortable and personal as you wish. Staff can fill you in on the safety restrictions that apply to some electrical items. Rooms contain:

  • One single bed including all linens and a pillow
  • Television cabinet
  • End table
  • 4-drawer dresser
  • Clothes closet
  • Private washroom with room for personal items
  • Glass display cabinet with a lock to exhibit treasures

Are my personal belongings insured?
The insurance policy of the Health Centre does not cover the personal belongings of residents. If you wish to keep valuable items in your room, we recommend that you purchase a private insurance policy.

Where do I keep my wallet and important papers?
Each room comes equipped with a drawer that can be locked. We do suggest that residents keep all cash in a Trust Account in the Finance Department on the 2nd floor of the Perley Centre. The staff assists those residents who are unable to go to the Finance Department on their own.

Is there a bank at the Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre?

Upon request the Finance Department will set up a Trust account for you. The monthly rent, incidental costs such as haircuts and cash withdrawals to the resident can be handled through your Trust Fund. As well, an Automated Teller machine is located across from the Gift Shop on the ground floor.

How does the bathing routine work?
Each resident receives two supervised tub baths per week, and a partial wash every day.

Who will accompany me to appointments outside the Perley Rideau?
We expect family members to accompany their resident to medical appointments. If family is unavailable, we request the services of a Perley Rideau volunteer. If a volunteer cannot be found, we ask the family to hire a sitter.

Other than daily nursing care, what medical services are offered on-site?
The Perley Rideau is proud to offer the following services and clinics to residents and their families:

  • Dental Clinic
  • Hearing Clinic
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Pharmacy
  • Physiotherapy

What non-medical services are available at the Perley Rideau?

  • Cafeteria*
  • Comfort Suite
  • Computer Room
  • Creative Arts
  • Day Program for seniors with Alzheimer Disease and related dementias
  • Games Room
  • Gift Shop*
  • Hair Salon
  • Library
  • Pastoral Services and Chapel
  • Pub
  • Quiet rooms on each unit for families
  • Video Rental shop
  • Volunteer Services

    * The gift Shop and Cafeteria accept interact or visa.

We also provide a furnished bedroom with attached washroom with shower for families to use if they need to stay over to be with their loved ones.

Is there free parking for families?
Yes. For long-term care residents, one free parking pass. This policy applies only for our long-term care residents.