Public Announcements: Outbreak 1 Unit, Current News and more Updated 8/18/2017

The Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre

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Board Members


 Board of Directors (2016-2017)

Back Row, Left to Right: Gordon Stock, Margaret Tansey, Kris Birchard, Wendy Grimshaw, Dr. Hans Jung, Mary Dawson, Bill Dickie, Simon Goulet, Terry McEwan

Front Row, Left to Right: Susan Fletcher, Akos Hoffer (CEO), Ron Buck (Chair), Robin Sellar (Treasurer), Michael Jeffery

Absent: Mary Ann Lamb, David Walden


Board of Directors (2017-2018)

Kris Birchard


Doug Brousseau

(Foundation Chairman)

Ron Buck


Lloyd Campbell

Mary Dawson

William Dickie

Susan Fletcher

Heather Garnett

Simon Goulet

Akos Hoffer (ex officio)

(Chief Executive Officer)

Michael Jeffery

Kimber Johnston

Dr. Hans Jung

Mary Ann Lamb

 Terry McEwan

Robin Sellar


 Gordon Stock 

Margaret Tansey

David Walden